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/1 (800) 231-234/1 (800) 902-221 is the Contact Phone Number of Kobo. (See More Contact Numbers Below).We have briefly described Kobo with all contact information. Get more customer service numbers of Kobo. Post issue for any problem with Kobo. if you find Kobo customer service number wrong, then please tell us in comments of Kobo.

Kobo is the brand name of eBooks, eReader and tablets which was introduced by Kobo Inc., in the year 2009. Under this brand name, the company produces and sells a broad line of tablets and eReaders. Kobo's products line include Kobo Arc, Kobo Aura HD, Kobo Aura, Kobo Wireless eReader, Kobo Glo, Kobo Aura etc. Kobo Inc is a Canadian privately held consumer electronics manufacturing company. Kobo has grown to become one of the world's fastest-growing eReading service companies. Kobo company serves a million customers in over 190 countries across the world. Kobo Inc., was formed by Michael Serbinis and is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Kobo is owned by the Rakuten, Inc which is a Japan based online retailing and Internet company.

Contact Kobo Customer Care Worldwide

Australia1 (800) 231-234
France0 (800) 915-740
Ireland1 (800) 902-221
South Africa0 (800) 981 164

Featured Opportunities Rendered By Kobo

For talented unemployed job seekers, Kobo offers good chances to showoff their talent in a better way by joining the said company like:
  • Information Architect - Mobile

  • Analyst, Acquisition Marketing

  • Financial Operations Analyst (Hardware)

  • Intermediate Software Developer in Test – Apps and Devices

Kobo Address Detail

Kobo address is 101 - 135 Liberty Street, Toronto, ON M6K 1A7, Canada.

Kobo Official Email Address

Kobo email address is .

Kobo contact person

The contact person of Kobo is na.

Kobo Customer Service Phone Numbers

The Customer Service Phone Number of Kobo is /1 (800) 231-234/1 (800) 902-221 (touch to call)

If the contact information is incorrect, please let us know HERE

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Kobo Customer Service Phone Number Complaints and Reviews

Customer service phone male
Mr. Judith TellsNov 23, 2016

Locked out of Kobo arc 7. Shows dot pattern then after many tries gives option of typing in password. This doesn't work. Can not get to settings. No icons are showing. Just date and time and dots. Kobo is fully charged.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Elizabeth Steeves TellsNov 08, 2016

Purchased Kobo Dec 2015; have not had any problem loading books from local library to Kobo (using Adobe Digital) in the past months. Now, will not load into Kobo from library as usual. Went to Library Tech, who advised to get additional help from Kobo people. What happens now: I download to Kobo, but Kobo always says "Books, "Your Library is empty". Where are these books going, have they been rerouted to some other location.

Customer service phone male
Mr. William Mcilvaney TellsNov 08, 2016

I phoned and was talking to Ashley I told her about my Kobo and after getting the
okay from her higher ups, she said she would be sending me an email wanting my
address and information, this was about 9. AM She said she would email me in about
5--10 minutes


Customer service phone male
Mr. William Mcilvaney TellsNov 07, 2016

Dear Kobo team,
I bought a Kobo Glo in 8/12/14 and have enjoyed it, but yesterday
the on off button will not work, can I send it to get fixed or do I have to buy a
new Ereader. I do read a lot of books, but I do not think just short of two years is very long
to last. William.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Joan Patrick TellsNov 05, 2016

Today I synced my device and when it was finished I discovered that 68 books that I had already finished - and most I had already removed from my device, were now back on my device and listed as 'unread'. I went to the Kobo site and tried to remove them again, but it doesn't work - I can not remove any of them. Also, one book "The edge of Lost" that I purchased on March two, 2016 is now missing from my device and from my Library on the web site.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Pete Rogers TellsOct 26, 2016

Your system will not accept my credit/debit card correct details for some reason and your chatline does not respond - it continually says "Searching", but it doesn't sayfor what. I tried three separate Visa cards and got no co-operation on any of them. Your site reported that I had not completed the credit/debit card fields correctly, which was ungtrue in each case. +44 1483 424032 please advise.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Marilyn TellsOct 22, 2016

The connection inside my E-reader is loose and I'm having great difficulty charging it. It also discharges very rapidly. Going from 74% to 34% in one evening. Can this be repaired and where do I go to have it repaired?.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Donna Robinson TellsOct 22, 2016

I am trying to make a purchase. I have a small credit in my account and wanted to add a Kobo gift card. It is not allowing me to do that. After trying many times I switched to my laptop and it did let me put in the gift card number and then said something went wrong with my purchase. What is happening here.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Peter Van Boxtel TellsOct 16, 2016

Imported EPUB files via Adobe Digital Edition on my PC show up in Imported Items with correct number and Mb. However, only 1/4 can be found in the library. Thanks for showing me how to correct this. Regards. Peter.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Peter Van Boxtel TellsOct 16, 2016

Imported EPUB files via Adobe Digital Edition (from my PC) show up in Imported Items with correct number and Mb. However, only 1/4 shows up in the library. Many thanks for showing me how to correct this. Regards Peter.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Barbara Price TellsAug 26, 2016

I have two Kobo readers one is a KobogloHD the other model N647 ? My complaint is I am unable to connect my N647 to computer to the to download books. I think I am doing everything that is on the set up page. Am I only able to have one Kobo attached to my computer? I am not happy with my Kobo glo HD as it keeps shutting down and when turned back on I have to search for the page I was reading.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Aanchal TellsAug 17, 2016

Is there a service centre in Mumbai, India? My Kobo Arc touch screen is not working properly. The screen keep shifting automatically. Also few alpabets are not working. I tried calling the India toll free number, but call keeps getting disconnected. Can someone help?.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Maria Serra TellsAug 10, 2016

Hi, The books that I bought tonight are not downloading. I have a Sony Reader and have never experienced this before. I hope you can help. The books are: The Stranger and The Sister. Thanks.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Teresa TellsAug 04, 2016

We have a problem with our tablet. The charging port got loose and hard to charge. Then it broke off totally inside. After googling the problem, we found that this would appear to be a very common problem. The Kobo website is useless unless you have a Kobo account email address. Finally found this site with a phone number. Called their customer service department. They asked how old the tablet is. Because the tablet is two years old, it's out of warranty and they said they won't replace it. Understood. Asked about repairs. Was told absolutely no one offers that service. Quite an expensive piece of junk. We have an older Sony ereader which is probably about seven years old. Works perfectly.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Adriana Mitro TellsAug 01, 2016



Customer service phone male
Mr. Madhu Paliath TellsAug 01, 2016

My Kobo reader display is damged. The display paanel is split in to two part. Top portion is darkened. Other features. Are working fine. Is there any service centre in India, Kerala?.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Valerie Wiltshire TellsJul 31, 2016

I have a Kobo Arc seven which I purchased in 2014. I absolutely love it, but lately parts of the screen seem to be losing their touch and just stick. Can I do anything. Val Wiltshire.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Maureen Callahan TellsJul 30, 2016

I having trouble with my Kobo syncing to my desk top. Every time I start to download it stop with error. My books keep getting taken off my Kobo Ereader every time I charge and then I cannot read the books, so I have to go to each book and reinstall if by clicking on download book. I have reinstalled the program and now the pictures of the books are not showing up. I really enjoy read, but to download new books and charging is a nightmare. Can you help me or is there something wrong with my Kobo ereader. Thank you waiting to hear from you.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Charleen Goodwin TellsJul 20, 2016

Cannot open up book content. Screen reads "Connected and Charged" and is now frozen. Cannot turn it off to make message disappear. I have ejected ereader and unplugged USB cable three times and it does not help.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Mary White TellsJul 13, 2016

I want to change my email address and it won't allow me to do that. Help. My old address was Ca
My Paypal is now with the new one and I cannot buy anything until this is changed. Thanks
Mary White .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Anne Harris TellsJul 11, 2016

Hello. I'm unable to purchase books on my Kobo Site. I get a message saying 'oops. Unfortunately it appears we experienced a technical difficulty. Please try your request again. If you continue to get this notification, please contact our customer care department for assistance: call . I dialed the number, but it is no longer in service.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Judy Anderson TellsJul 06, 2016

I am trying to reach Kobo customer care - I follow the icon, fill out all the information and then cannot send the request anywhere. There is no live link to send anything - it is a deadend. I need to change my customer sign in (email address) and cannot do this - I will lost my library of books if I do not get this fixed up.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Valencia TellsJul 04, 2016

You overcharge me for my books. Really i have purchase over 200 books from you and today i really saw the transacction properly - so you i should have paid R145 for a book Falling In by Lydia Michaels, but once i checked out the book came to R215 rand and no its not VAT because guess what that too was added in the end ridiculous. Please sort this out.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Muriel Boninblank TellsJul 01, 2016

I am soo frustrated I purchased two books yesterday on my account, order number 52707800. Neither of these books downloaded into my library and I was billed for both. I tried deleting them, but cannot reload them as it is saying that they are already in my library.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Pat Parisi TellsJun 22, 2016

I now have two Kobo e-readers bought within the last two years that do not load books or work. I would like assistance please. I did go back to the Indigo where I bought them at Bayview Village and they said only you could fix these problems. One will not load books and the other (a Glo) will not boot and has lines across the screen. I cannot buy a new device every year.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Vicki Bottcher TellsJun 18, 2016

Hi I purchased imperfectly matched by Mj fields on 14 June 2016 $3. 92
The content inky has a few chapters in
I would appreciate if you could please resend the complete book
Thank you
Vicki Bottcher .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Beverley Smart TellsJun 02, 2016

Billing error on my account on May16/16, book purchased was Bittersweet, order 948733767, my credit card was charged four times in the amount of 2. 09. Please credit back 6. 27. Please confirm.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Annemiek Buis TellsMay 24, 2016

Hello, I have a Kobo for at least ten years, got it as a birthday present from my children. I use it almost every day. Now the button on the bottom right is not working any longer, the rubber broke, this means that I am having a very hard time to go from one page to the next. Can this be repaired? Where do I go for that?
I look forward to your answer, thanks very much, AMB.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Sheela R TellsFeb 23, 2016

2/15/293 RS. 186. 34 eBook

I have purchased a book Practical Arrangement with the above order reference number. But I am not able to view the book in my Library.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Rajendran C TellsFeb 21, 2016

My ebook library was moved from Flipkart to Kobo on Sunday, December 20, 2015. But, I am not able to find the same, when I loged into Kobo using my PC. Instead, the following message was flashed:-

"We moved this library on Sunday, December 20, 2015. Please contact Kobo Customer Care and tell them that you were migrating your books. Quote the following number is 69adf4762245ae632f1a1d46ba13be5a

Please help me out to read the book I have moved to Kobo.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Morgan Smith TellsDec 18, 2015

You advertise the ability for people to send gift cards for specific books as presents. A friend of mine wanted to give my e-books as gifts for Christmas, but found she is not able to do this. I am really upset and angered by this, partly because of lost sales (for me AND for you), but also because I have been pushing the Kobo gift cards on social media, believing that this ability to give specific books was a wonderful idea. Basically, this seems to me to be a bait-and-switch game, and essentially fraudulent. If there is some way to rectify this as soon as possible (like before Christmas?) please let me know. I have always supported Kobo, but this has left a pretty bad taste in my mouth, and I am very tempted, as both a reader and a writer, to take my business elsewhere.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Indrani TellsAug 11, 2015

I have trouble opening the book. I called the customer service as soon as I hung up the phone book opened. However I bought another book that is only in the Kobo format. I cannot open one of the books as it say book is locked. Can you solve the issue.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Jackie TellsFeb 27, 2015

I loaded up my book I wrote and when I went to try and check the epub version I can not open it, have emailed and got no response, I'm getting so frustrated, the Australian phone number does not exist, who can help why can not I open an epub file

Customer service phone male
Mr. Kelly A Surmon TellsDec 15, 2014

I recently purchased a book on my tablet and was charged 475228JP72BR6 ; DIRECT DEBIT; PAYPAL AUSTRALIA 0573014361. It has not appeared in my library. Also I keep getting and upgrade message on my desktop computer. I hit upgrade and now it wont let me do anything on the Kobo site. Keeps saying looking for upgrades. Please help.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Margaret Bierma TellsDec 28, 2014

We purchased the book 'Bones in her Pocket' by Kathy Reichs. We used a gift card, it deducted the purchase, but it never appeared on our computer therefore we could not sync it to our Kobo.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Claudette Hachey TellsDec 28, 2014

I purchased a book called "My Time in Heaven" by Richard Sigmund. The book would not open. It gives me a OOPS message. I tried to delete the book and reinstalled it,, but to no avail. I need your help with this matter. Please contact me either by e-mail or by telephone . Awaiting your prompt reply. Thank you.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Janette Lusebrink TellsDec 22, 2014

No complaints, the lady that i talked with was very nice and extremely helpful. I wish to thank her for all the help she assisted me with. I like kobo books. Warm regards, Merry Christmas and Happy holidays.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Steven Hobbs TellsDec 07, 2014

I tried to purchase two Kobos online. Our post box is valid credit card address, your set up would not accept this. (First with online ordering that we have had this problem)
I hope your customer service is better than the comments and look forward to someone calling so that we may order. Sincerely,
Steven Hobbs.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Marion Bell TellsNov 22, 2014

Every time I called it say number not connected, I have emailed Kobo four times not one reply. I'm disgusted with them, so much so I'm not buying this brand of ereader for our granddaughters thats $500 you have lost.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Nancy Chavner TellsNov 08, 2014

New Kobo, just purchased in September. Screen broke-up. No response on help number. Not even a please hold. Totally dead. No access through desktop, just repeated updates. This is more than sucks. Is there anyone to take responsibility?

Customer service phone male
Mr. William Powell TellsOct 22, 2014

I purchased a book, Gone Girl for $11.99. It would not down load. When getting into it a screen said "oops this document cannot be opened". We spoke with someone from kobo, and after a fairly long time we were told that all was OK. We still cannot get into the book. Funny that we purchased another book which has come through and is ready to read. What is it that only this book "Gone Girl" we cannot get into. We can get it through Amazon, but we have paid Kobo for the book and would like a refund. Code 141021-001354.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Jeannette Trudel TellsOct 19, 2014

I recently purchased an ebook "gone girl by Gillian Flynn" and it came in a language other than English. I cannot understand a word. Is there anyway you can switched the book in the English language?

Customer service phone male
Mr. James Benoit TellsOct 18, 2014

Last night i attempted to purchase the book, talking god, by tony Hillerman. Instead i received Haym the cat who talked to much. I now see that Haym is displayed in the purchase spot for talking god. Please delete Hyam and replace with talking god.

Customer service phone male
Mr. WILLIAM CUSTER TellsAug 12, 2014

On July 25th i ordered a cook book and you charged my american express $13.99. It has been two weeks and i am still waiting for my book. do not you think two weeks is long enough for anybody to wait.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Maureen TellsJun 04, 2014

Hi, I do not have a complaint as such, but i cannot find a kobo mini sleep cover, everyone Is telling me it's discontinued! I love my kobo mini and got my fingers crossed you will contact me and be able to send me One I would really appreciate you getting back to me Thanking you in advance and have a great evening!.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Bonnie TellsApr 20, 2014

I bought a kobo mini last year and gave as a christmas gift. The screen is now going black. Is this under warranty? i bought through the home shopping channel.
What should i do?

Customer service phone female
Ms. Petra Penner TellsDec 10, 2013

I was reading "the gift "on my kobo and all of a sudden everything went blank and i have no more books on my kobo non of the original books that i got when we bought the kobo and noine of the books I added later. I tried downloading the books from my computor back onto the kobo, but it will not let me do it.

Customer service phone female
Ms. helen TellsNov 04, 2013

I have contacted you a few days ago to report that I had purchased the book Luminaries (booker prize winner ) cos of nearly £10.00. I have been reading the book for a couple of weeks and now it will not open on my Samsung Galaxy two - very frustrated that I can not access it.
Please can you help as soon as possible.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Vivienne TellsOct 25, 2013

I have had trouble syncing my kobo with puter. An operator told me to trash my kobo and start again. I need help to reinstall my kobo. Can you all me please call me to instruct me how to get started again. Thank you.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Lorraine TellsOct 15, 2013

kobo arc not charging. I purchased my kobo arc used, but did not get the receipt when purchased so I have not able to access the warranty, so I am told. However the Arc will not charge and kobo is unwilling to assist me in getting it fixed. So basically the unit it a piece of junk. The last Kobo Arc have fell and the screen shattered and Kobo would not do anything to assist me with the fix of the screen nor could they sell me the a replacement screen. So now I have two piece of junk Arc (both 64 gigs what are both less than a year hold) and Kobo is unwilling to do nothing. I HAVE NEVER BUYING A KOBO AGAIN! Just thought you might like to know that I am also spredding the work on how dissatisfied I am and how unwilling Kobo is to help me.

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