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Meez is a social network website centered in San Francisco, California, United States. The service was started by Donnerwood Media. Meez released in March, 2006. The website has 3 million such users, who use it about 60 hours each month. Totally it has more than 13 million users, from which 90% are in America. It is advertised by Nike, the NBA, the Nhl etc. Children age of under 13 are not able to register with Meez. The website takes suitable decision to support data privacy and security VIA many hardware and software methods.
Meez is an online platform of entertainment, offering legitimate conveniences of creating 3D Avtars, and gradually able to play casual games. Meez is a social media podium, particularly recommended for young guns to stay connect with friends and family form every corner. Meez is promoting members to share media contents without any hassle and generally allowed to invite more friends to join the community of gaming.
Valuable Contact Number of Meez for All General Support / Inquiries
Phone Number:

Customer Care Support of Meez

Meez is energatic in evaluating components of anticipation through frequent customer care support. Whenever facing any complexities regarding the services of Meez, the customers are recommended to reach out for immediate assistance. The customers can interact with the care officials through the following enlisted numbers:
  • Customer Care Numbers: Call
  • Email Address: Visit

Alternatives of Meez

Meez is an online gaming platform, particularly designed for young guns to procure classified privileges of decisive online games. However, the customers are permitted to create 3D Avtart to make play existing and conventionally, the customers are recommended to share medial files and interact with friends in a convenient manner. However, the customers are authorized to register an online account via: />

Career Opportunities At Meez

Meez is devoted to expose timely career openings for applicants to configure radiant roots and develop standard of living. Meez is prescribing hassle free path to schedule an interview with the authority via: />

Meez Address Detail

Meez address is Donnerwood Media Inc., 611 Mission Street, 7th Floor, San Francisco, California, United States 94105.

Meez Official Email Address

Meez email address is .

Meez Customer Service Phone Numbers

The Customer Service Phone Number of Meez is (touch to call)

If the contact information is incorrect, please let us know HERE

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Meez Customer Service Phone Number Complaints and Reviews

Customer service phone female
Ms. Rayven TellsJun 11, 2016

If I have currency on my credit card, how then, can I be informed every time I try to purchase MC that there is an error i. E the commerce payment method is not found or I am being informed that "sorry, an error occurred please try again. " What is the meaning of this? Previously I was able to purchase MC and now it seems this server neglects my transaction intentionally.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Asanti Nash TellsJun 01, 2016

I love Meez, but on may 1st i was hacked on the-ruins they changed my password i've been trying to get my account back, but it's not working i baught stuff with my money on that account and i kindly ask for your help.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Tynishaparker TellsMar 08, 2016

How long it takes to get unbanned from meez.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Alainawinter TellsJan 22, 2016

I purchase 1000 coins for 99cent an still never received it my name is Alainawinter An I'm also A vip.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Smiley Brown TellsNov 23, 2015

Hello Meez I've made an in app purchase and it keeps saying already baught so why is not my coins popping up and every time I try over and over again it says the same thing it just keeps looking like it's still purchasing and my money is gone out of the account at this point too much stuff is happening with you'lls app please contact my money has been taking and I haven't received my coinz.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Richard TellsAug 22, 2015

I put my via card on Meez and bought things, but no my account is banned. Can yall help me like unbanned me please.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Derrick TellsAug 01, 2015

My Meez got hacked i cant get it back i contacted support they say my information is invalid, because i barely know my info to the Meez. My friend gave me the Meez when he quit he said i could use it as my Meez. So, i did, but two days later someone offered me vip and Meez cash i thought they were seriousl gonna give me Meez cash and vip, but ten minutes later he told me my pw did not work i checked my email and saw it said my Meez isnt connected to it i was sad because he hacked me i found out two days later when he was in a room on my Meez i asked him who he is and he said the hackers name then i cursed him out and then i did Meez hack form and it said there is not enough information to recover your Meez is. Can i please get my Meez back or cant i. My Meez name was el-bato.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Jean Smallwood TellsJun 06, 2015

On June 4th 2015 I purchased a three month V. I. P for $25. 00 and another $20. 00 in coins for my daughter. On June 5th of 2015 she cannot get on the game because she is banned, I do not think that I should have to pay $45. 00 for one day of play well to be honest not even a day more like a couple of hours, I would like a refund Thank You PS. my daughters user name is sleepingbatman.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Gage TellsMar 26, 2015

hello my name is Gage bates i got hacked and i want my account back my username to that account is nice guy blue please help get it back and i need my password for the account

Customer service phone male
Mr. Addison Sanders TellsMar 23, 2015

I was banned for no reason. I got banned just because I bought stuff with MY MONEY and got banned I got a call from one of the people not believing that I have my own debit card like why do you need or care it's my money. I want this solved now. My user name for Meez is savageeattack.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Amber Vrown TellsMar 13, 2015

Hello my account was hacked smuggly_bear33 may you contact me I need my pass.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Jaylecia TellsMar 09, 2015

I got banned for life can you unbann it so I can be with my friends and my Meez family my account name is naenaegirl1freak I'll tell you the password when you received this message.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Martha TellsMar 05, 2015

I didn't even speak with anyone I've left a message before and nothing what's the point of having a contact number if no one never answers it and call back.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Amber Brown TellsFeb 17, 2015

Hey Meez i got hacked and my account is Smuggly_bear33 and this boy gave it to someone so please get it back.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Alston Henry TellsFeb 14, 2015

Savageb0y is my accounts name i am a paying customer. I do not have to use anyways cc the kid who reported me was just being immature and thought it would be hilarious to report me and great me banned we were all playing of course i know no one would give me there cc i buy my own things i need out of my money. I got banned for one day. Then after a few minutes Meez took my account to hold it safe i am guessing because i accidentally filled out a form on my backup account saying it was hacked/stolen when i ment to fill out a ban appeal form, but thats because i could not find it.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Justin Jr TellsJan 17, 2015

Meez never works now like really I so fucking anger with the makers you guys are slacking heavy as fuck and it's a shame because I've been on Meez since the classic was up an it never had as many crashs, hacks, bans, and glitches. You an I mean the person who founded Meez will out of business and profit if you do not stop being so lazy an fixing all of the bugs Meez as including you guy's with the bans like I got banned for nothing, but you didn't check it out for self's nope just put cybersex like always when people get banned. You need to start by fixing the App it's so lagging and you need to fix it ASAP.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Andrew TellsJan 02, 2015

They do not answer at all. May the customer service people answer the phone when I'm calling please. It's an emergency.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Abby TellsJan 01, 2015

I was a vip and someone hacked me is this like a set up or something this has happened to me more than once. I'm done.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Kelly TellsDec 30, 2014

I ordered Meez vip and i never got it tis website took my money and am am going to
got somone to stop using Meez because it jus took my money and i also ordered some cions and they never came so. DONT USE Meez ILL TAKE YOUR MONEY.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Shinelle TellsDec 23, 2014

I couldn't purchase anything because this popped up after I hit "continue:" Error: "Sorry, an error occurred. Please try again. ยท Commerce payment method not found. ".

Customer service phone male
Mr. Zach Samuels TellsDec 16, 2014

Something like that happen to me as well and then they deleted my account. Have they replied back to you yet?.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Shun TellsDec 15, 2014

Got hacked and I think the user - gangshxt used my phone number for purchase and I was hacked by keem_got fanss. And I really want my account back : __Shun__. Also need feedback.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Alexis TellsDec 07, 2014

My account is banned and I had it for like 1-3 years. That's a long time. Now I'm banned and I am very disappointed of this happening. I sent something like a message and it says appeal rejected so I can not get my account back. I am very angry and trying to fight for my account back, please help.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Jasmine Williams TellsDec 03, 2014

i gave you guy 20 dollars for coins and money you guys took my 20 in did not give me my coins are money on Meez i want my money back if i cant get coins or money.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Kim Knight TellsNov 19, 2014

My granddaughter was trying to buy a three month vip Meez membership, it was taking a while to go through, while waiting she apparently she clicked five more times, i need these five $25 refunded as i am on disability my phone number .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Briah Newman TellsNov 09, 2014

My name is Briah and i have a problem. I tried to log on my Meez account, but it said that banned for stolen account, which i do not know, how and when I had it for about 4 years and i was on it two months ago. So, i do not understand please un-ban it or email me the reason, Why is it banned? It is getting pathetic. My Meez account is qooqle_meeh and my email is or either one is fine. Once again please contact me as soon as possible.Thank You.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Jasmine TellsNov 08, 2014

Meez took my money and i am waiting from two months and still not get money.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Krystal Harris TellsNov 05, 2014

How long will it take before i hear back from someone? I need to be reached by phone number and email. I do not check that email That is my son email. I do not have an email account. I need to talk on the phone to someone

Customer service phone female
Ms. Krystal Harris TellsNov 05, 2014

Yall have been billing my phone company for months and I wasn't aware of this. I need to talk to some one as soon as possible. My name is Krystal Harris and My phone number is . I need My number to be removed from your records as soon as possible.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Joshua TellsOct 23, 2014

I accidentally called for a ban on the wrong account. they call me real and is there any way you can get it back functioning.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Bradley Clay TellsOct 15, 2014

I am a user of Meez and my account has been hacked and i wanted to know, if you could get it back. My username is obeycuite2.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Brian Cox TellsJun 18, 2014

Hi, I just spoke to a customer service representative verifying my vip membership credit card purchases. I was told my service would be reactivated within 15 mins. I logged on began to dress my character and i was banned at that very moment. I have not violated any rules. Please contact me back to fix this issues:

Brian cox.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Elena TellsNov 11, 2013

Hi, I am very mad my daughter account got hacked last night 11-9-13 and I have spent money on her acc and the person who hacked it said she did it cause they did it to her. Really me as a parent is very upset about this issue. How can you help me get my daughters account back.Help, and also you need to improve the report abase.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Ariana TellsNov 04, 2013

Hello, I am a user of Meez and I recently have gotten hacked and I was wondering if anyone could help me get my account back my account name is Arianahaha I shared my password, but the hacker said the would not hack me so I gave in and told them and no I can not get into my meez account can you help.

Customer service phone male
Mr. jestin TellsSep 08, 2013

Like i was banned for nothing i was all by myself in my own room nobody came in ann i was just chillen then i left an was off for two weeks an when i came back on it said banned an now I am bannef forever pleaase unban mee i put alot of cash into the account an if i do not get unban I am sewing you guys for banning me for no reason

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