016879103, 96, 14165385457 is the Contact Phone Number of Mojang. (See More Contact Numbers Below).We have briefly described Mojang with all contact information. Get more customer service numbers of Mojang. Post issue for any problem with Mojang. if you find Mojang customer service number wrong, then please tell us in comments of Mojang.

Mojang is a Swedish company that engages in the developing and publishing of video games. Minecraft, Scrolls and Cobalt are principle video games of Mojang. The company began its journey as Mojang Specifications in the year 2009 by Carl O. Manneh and his co-founders Markus A. Persson and H. Jakob Porser. It is 42% owned by Notch Enterprises. Mojang is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a privately held company that generated total revenues of 2.069 billion SEK in the year 2013. Minecraft is an award winning game of Mojang. It has awarded with Best Debut Game Award, the Audience Award, Best Downloadable Game Award etc.

Contacting Information about Mojang

Contact Number for General Inquiries
Phone: 016879103

Contact Number for General Support
Phone: 14165385457

Additional Contact Number of Mojang
Phone: 016879196

Head Office Address Of Mojang

Mojang Corporate Office Headquarters HQ address are as:
Mojang AB Åsögatan 140,
116 24, Stockholm Sweden
Phone Number: +46(0)8-6583710

Mini Video Games of Mojang

The mini games of Mojang are developed under the experts of the games and are prepared by using digital modern technologies of the games. These mini products are praised for entertaining the people especially kids. These includes as:
Catacomb Snatch, Endless Nuclear Kitten, Nuclear Pizza War, Battle Frogs, Docktor, Healthcore Evolved and Snake Oil Stanley.

Other Popular Games of Mojang

The other famous games of the Mojang which got a high response from the market includes as:
Minecraft which was released in the year of 2011.
Scrolls was introduced in the year of 2014.
Cobalt and Minecraft Story Mode released in 2015.

Artists of Mojang

The artists of the Mojang which are associated not only offer their performances but also render their well quality of voices in almost all the acted games of the Mojang including as;
1. Markus "Junkboy" Toivonen
2. Mattis Grahm
3. Henrik Pettersson
4. Jonatan Pöljö

Supporting Artists of Mojang

The supporters of the Mojang whom offers their whole support in order to develop well video games all around the world includes Marc Watson, Mathias Andersson, Aleksandra, "Ola" Zajac, Lisa Kempe, David Stuart Dahlgren, Andreas Andersson and Mattias Victorin.

Registration Link of Mojang

The users who wants to register their names in the Mojang, can create their accounts on the below mentioned link of the Mojang:

Career Link Of Mojang

The interested video game users who wants to make their career in the developmental work of the Mojang can apply for their interested post on the below mentioned ;link of the company which is as:

Mojang Customer Care Support

contact on the number to clear all your issues or doubts about Mojang. Dial the number between 9am to 6pm, the Mojang customer executives are always there to listen You. Apart from this the company has well designed website that always remains updated with the latest information or offers, the official website of Mojang is: />

Social Media Networking Websites of the Mojang

Mojang on Facebook Link Page
Mojang on Twitter Link Page

Mojang Address Detail

Mojang address is Maria Skolgata 83 BV, SE-118 53 Stockholm, Sweden.

Mojang Official Email Address

Mojang email address is .

Mojang contact person

The contact person of Mojang is Jonas Mårtensson.

Mojang Customer Service Phone Numbers

The Customer Service Phone Number of Mojang is 016879103, 96, 14165385457 (touch to call)

If the contact information is incorrect, please let us know HERE

Your Complaint, Suggestion, Complication, Review To Mojang

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Mojang Customer Service Phone Number Complaints and Reviews

Customer service phone female
Ms. Malina TellsSep 28, 2016

I am unable to access my account for no apparent reason, i changed the password a couple of times to see if i could log on, but it didn't work as a result. Could you please get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks,
Malina .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Scott Dritz TellsSep 27, 2016

Why is it so hard to get in touch with your company? My son and I went to Minecon 2016 and our cape codes are not working. He has been bugging me non-stop to fix it and I do not have a clue. Can you send us new codes please? I can not stand him bugging me anymore. It should be easier to get in touch with someone who can help me with this, but it is not. Pleas send new codes before he drives me crazy
Scott Dritz .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Farhana Chowdhury TellsAug 25, 2016

Why are you use my credit card number for this game. Please give my money back. I never give permission to use my credit card for game. Right now give my money to chase credit card since June to augst month. $7. 99 each month charge. So total is$24. 00.

Customer service phone male
Mr. David Phillips TellsJun 23, 2016

Hi I play minecraft PC and my gamertag is GamerDave100. Theres a wierd glicth on
my game. I have built on creative and deleted the world. I made a new world on creative and the same build showed up on it I need help getting rid of DELETED
items that COME BACK. This is serious.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Demibear TellsJun 17, 2016

Hi Mojang, I'm _Demibear 1_ and I play PE with the new update (0. 15. 0) It doesn't seem to make servers work and my best friend updated it and she can not go on her own server Was she was quiet upset about please can you sort a new update out and install working servers more texture packs, And more Please get different types of dogs Thank you Mojang for having your time reading this
All From
a good MCPE fan
_Demibear 1_.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Nicole Van Dreumel TellsJun 09, 2016

Hi my daughter has been trying to get into her minecraft account, but she is unable to. We have been trying to reset password to no avail. Her user name is themaddrummer. Please help.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Donna Mcfarland TellsJun 08, 2016

I had used my credit card, for my son and made a purchase on May 31, 2016 of $26. 95 for minecraft. When he logs on to play the game, it states either he didn't purchase the game or it has been refunded. I'am showing no refund and yet my son cannot get into the game in order to play it. Can you please look into this matter for us. His name on the account is thrashNtrash44.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Beth Reed TellsJun 03, 2016

I purchased Minecraft on my son's computer May 30th. We have not been able to use the game though because it appears his video driver is outdated and the graphics can not be supported by his existing version. We've tried everything and had a computer tech look into it, but it doesn't look like we'll be able to update the driver. His computer is an ASUS Windows 7. It recently upgraded to Windows 10, but we were informed when he tried to play it there was an error while trying to render certain aspects of the game. Pixel Format Not Accelerated. Transaction ID is braintree:nnzbb7d Reference/Order 0e2c8eb54818a805f6a1. His name was set as Iceman76. Wondering if you have any suggestions or if we'll need to get a refund. Thank you, Beth Reed .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Adam TellsMay 17, 2016

When I open my Minecraft launcher it says Unable to start the Minecraft Runtime Envirement. This is most likely caused by a corruption. Please try to reinstall Minecraft.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Biljana Obradovic TellsMar 22, 2016

The phone number 880--etc. Does not work. Call me at PLEASE, just trying to recover my son's Minecraft account (we cannot remember his password) for his birthday which is next week. Thanks. It was under my email, I believe, listed below.

Customer service phone male
Mr. David Riley TellsJan 09, 2016

It is absolutely unconscionable that you want all this individual and personal data from us, yet you refuse to obtain, release, and/or publish a contact phone number for someone to actually get a hold of someone via a toll-free phone number. You're VERY ready, willing, and able to RECEIVE my money, but have extremely little interest in trying to ensure that my money was well-spent. The amount of mental gymnastics I've had to go through to get a user name, password, and working account has been intolerable. Absolutely ridiculous I will NOT give you my cell/phone number; YOU can give me a number where I can reach a human being at MY pleasure. NOT YOURS.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Angelica Bernal TellsJan 07, 2016

Hello I had already paid for Minecraft on the play store (on laptop) and all I had to do was install it. But I have been waiting almost two days for it to install and all it says is WORKING. Please help me. :(.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Olivia Hare TellsDec 29, 2015

We have tried everything to make it so i do not have to play on the demowo rld nothing will work we have boulght te game three diffrent times they all say play demo. I am very angrey.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Korahn TellsDec 24, 2015

I have minecraft storymode season pass disc. Is supposed to give you episodes 2-5 free. Everything was working until episode four which is making me pay. What happened.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Trace Peterson TellsDec 03, 2015

Hey guys I'm having a problem with my servers. I crash whenever try starting the server it says internal exception: Java. Io exception please answer this question 8177365448

Customer service phone male
Mr. Claude TellsOct 29, 2015

Your contact number listed does not work, I have a nephew who has had his account blocked and barred for life, he is only 11 years old he doesn't know how to hack and has spent months along with money on your game.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Noah TellsSep 28, 2015

You wont let me sign in it said that my account dose not existed and i even get emails and password changes and it never works and my mine craft wont play it mite be my computer, but still it wont let me log on ether minecraft website or the Mojang website.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Sasha timonv TellsAug 11, 2015

i person trolled me on iphone or ipad (i don't know what device he was using) but anyway i was building untill he came in(his user name is sonic) may you bann him for a week? thanks

Customer service phone male
Mr. Piggy TellsJun 22, 2015

i need help with my skin. I have tried calling you, but you never responded, so i am writing this. I am having trouble with my skin. So i am contacting you i have a security account so i am hoping for a response i have to type in my security OK i type it all in it keeps asking me the same thing over and over again and then it says i an logged in, but i am not.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Jankster13 TellsMay 31, 2015

Hello, I have been banned on Mineplex for "speed hacking" in block hunt. My account is Jankster13, also may you tell me if I need to say my password, but my computer is an HP, I had no modifications on it and like it is, it's not a great computer. I have no proof to show that I was not hacking, but if you can, you can watch my screen if I play. The real problem is that I have lots of lag, so when I use the speed ax it always glitches me back and I get kicked for that, but now I got banned. I have low fps (I think that's what it's called) and I do not know if you can watch my computer screen or if you can Skype, but please, please let me know. It's the best server I think and I do not want any bad records so please help me and thank you great people for your time. I am so stupid because I now realize that this is for the Mojang service problem stuff and I do not know how to post complaints on Mineplex, but if you can help please do.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Joshua Christie TellsMay 08, 2015

Well I was playing the game fine yesterday. But today when i go to log in it tells me that I have merged my account and need to enter the email i used to merge it. I do not recall doing this and now cannot log into my account to game out. My user name was Shillenz and I have no idea why I cant play. I would love to simply type in my user name and password like the years i have before, but no.

Customer service phone female
Ms. TellsMar 21, 2015

I just gave parental consent to my son so he could play on a friend's realm. I received an email confirmation that he now has permission as well as a receipt for a charge to my CC. Yet, when he tries to access realms, he still gets the message he needs parental consent. Please fix. His email is (If you need that to ID him).

Customer service phone male
Mr. Julie Champa TellsJan 19, 2015

I have been constantly trying to change my password and you guys are not sending me the e-mail with the temp password. This is the worst customer service ever...I need help immediately.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Tina McCarthy TellsDec 30, 2014

I purchased gift cards for my children for Christmas and when trying to redeem them they get an error message stating the cards have already been redeemed. Please HELP!!!

Customer service phone female
Ms. Monte TellsDec 28, 2014

Ok so one you guys need to somehow alow us to join creative servers over WiFi and two you need to have better things like cars and you should also have a horse. I cannot join my friends creative serve to ride her roller coasters you should allow that. Also I have already lost one home and one roller coaster and that you should give us a choice between having unlimited land and limited land because last time I played this it was so easy to find everything, and now I have to keep building a new house everuytime I lose one so if you could please take my request into consideration I'd be a lot more happier using this app.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Scott Ellis TellsDec 28, 2014

We have purchased minecraft and we are unable to access it. We have also tried with our other emails have not been able to download it. We have tried the passwords and it still doesn't work. I do not want to purchase it again, but I do want play it. Please help me figure out a solution to this problem. My account is under the email Net registered to ScottEllis. Thank you.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Gary TellsDec 27, 2014

We bought a Minecraft card for the xbox one. When my sons attempted to redeem the card they input an incorrect email address. We have not received our final redemption code, because it was most likely sent to the incorrect email address. Please contact me at with our final redemption code. The pin number from our full game download code from the xbox store is 7019813060.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Cameron TellsDec 27, 2014

I have a Mojang account and I got a prepaid Minecraft card and i redeemed the card and downloaded Minecraft and now the game is not downloaded and i cant log into my account here is my account info. Frankenstien420 and my email is please help me. And you an Skype to explain what i need to do or email me please. My Skype name is scrillamcnilla.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Carlos TellsDec 27, 2014

12/26/14- I went to gamestop and bought a card to buy minecraft and once i got home i typed the code in, but once i was done it said that the code has already been redeem'd

Customer service phone female
Ms. Maria TellsDec 24, 2014

I bought Minecraft for $26. 95 and unable to get the game ( only the demo). My ten year grandson cried and ow he does not want it Because he got very frustrated please credit back my account.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Dylan Hayes TellsDec 24, 2014

In title update 19 in minecraft Xbox 360 there is herobrian. And is trolling every thing I got a horse and I looked away for two seconds and it was gone. It is so creepy. Please get rid of him.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Ed Cardille TellsDec 23, 2014

I am trying to purchase minecraft for my Granddaughter and having nothing, but problems. Keeps telling me that my credit card number is not valid, which it is? I have tried three valid credit cards and it rejects all of them. Can I call and do this over the phone?

Customer service phone male
Mr. Paul Knight TellsDec 21, 2014

I have not been able to play the full version of mine-craft with my son for a number of months now, i think my ID may have been stolen - I no longer have access to the full paid software.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Matthew TellsDec 11, 2014

On Playstation three Edition of Minecraft. I just got update 1. ten and it came with two new texture packs, so i bought them, but whenever I tried downloading it. It says "No content found". I even restarted my PS3 and still did not work. I tried calling the number, but it doesn't work so send an e-mail so i come to know how to do this. Thanks.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Michelle Geraci TellsDec 02, 2014

My son has been told his access to mine craft is denied until May three, 2015 for hacking. He is an 11 year old boy who, until I explained what "hacking" is, didn't have a clue what that even was. He said he has not entered anyone Else's domains. He says all he has done is summon giants. Please investigate this and communicate with me, mother, through my email at Michellelyn. or via my cell phone at . He sincerely is not aware of any wrong doing, and if he has, please enlighten us so he does not make this error again. I personally do not care anything for computer games,, but this seems to encourage imagination and he enjoys mine craft very much. It is the only game I allow him to play. Thank you. Sincerely,


Customer service phone male
Mr. Qasim TellsDec 02, 2014

I brought Minecraft for £16. 47 and when I payed it, it said that I cannot play as the servers were full and that the order was canceled, therefore they said I would get a refund, but I haven't received it yet. Can you please find out why I have not got the refund yet.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Aaron Schram TellsNov 30, 2014

when I try to play Minecraft on the computer it wont let me because I do not remember my password and so then I type in my user name and it says it's wrong, but it is actually right because I typed in my dads email address the right way.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Jeff TellsNov 30, 2014

I keep getting an error message that says i can not register or sign up because YOU GUYS are "UP DATING" you site, and it says it won't be long. What do I do now?

Customer service phone female
Ms. Elena TellsNov 22, 2014

I purchased minecraft game for £17. 95 and set an account on your Mojang web page. I paid for the game, but did not receive a code to access my account and play the game. Could you please respond with the code or i will close the account and ask you to refund me my monies back. I have try to contact you on many occasions with no reply. Kind regards

Customer service phone male
Mr. Max Johnson TellsNov 12, 2014

My Minecraft game has been crashing every time. I started it and the launcher keep on saying random things. Sometimes it says something about java run time, something about mini dump failure and a bunch of other stuff. Please help! You have made a great game. I just want to help. So, i can play it again.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Sebastian Leal TellsNov 09, 2014

I just got a $26. 95 Minecraft gift card and when i try to redeem. It keeps on telling me that it needs to verify my email and to got to my email and then follow instructions. When i go to check my email all, i get a message that says "too many recent requests" and that is it. It will not let me redeem my gift card. Please look into this issue and advice on how to resolve it. My account is lolipop121131. Do not spell it.Thank you.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Grant TellsOct 19, 2014

My skin wont show up on any servers! i have tried logging in multiple times and still nothing. Even other computers won't show my skin. I have tried everything, but i still cannot see it. Please help.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Pierre TellsOct 13, 2014

Someone bought Minecraft. Three times used my debit card. I do not know who did it, but i want a full refund immediately. I am trying to contact someone, but there is no number. This is very frustrating for me.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Alex L. TellsOct 12, 2014

I cannot log into my account, so i presume that i just forgot a letter in my password so i change it. No email to change it, but later when i did get it it sent me to the change password and changed it and it still didn't work then i tried to change my username also didn't work. So i cant get into my account and I am unhappy.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Steven Greer TellsJul 22, 2014

Around christmas time i received a gift card to purchase minecraft and was able to use it fine, but recently every time i try to use minecraft all i can do is play the demo and not the actual gam.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Michael TellsJul 20, 2014

When downloading an app called minecraft multiplayer pe
I found that i could not join any other servers because of a bug.
I contacted them and told them the problem i was having.
They said it was something that was happening with your
App minecraft pe. Thanks for your time and i hope to get a response soon.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Ethan Dicus TellsJul 01, 2014

I have the game minecraft on my laptop. I downloaded the demo version on my friends laptop and now it is only letting me play the demo version on my laptop even though i have the full version of it. Please contact me and let me know how i can fix this.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Jeff TellsJun 20, 2014

Hi, we are trying to buy minecraft online (pc). We are unable to do this because it is giving us an error message and try later. What can we do to make it work.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Preston TellsDec 10, 2013

Hello Mojang, I am from America and I am a big fan of Minecraft. I am starting to notice some problems. I bought Minecraft off of and played it for about three years. Today when I opened up the launcher it said play demo. I play Minecraft weekly so I do not know if that has anything to do with it. I checked online and saw that several other people are having the same problem. I hope you can fix my problem and everyone else's. Thank you your time.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Rachel TellsSep 30, 2013

Hi dear Sir/Madam,

There's a question for you:

Here is a company in China, we would like to know if we can purchse Mongjang's copyright of use in China.

We are really want to cooperate with you.
Please kindly give me a response through , thank you!

Best regards,

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