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+ is the Contact Phone Number of Walmart Canada. (See More Contact Numbers Below).We have briefly described Walmart Canada with all contact information. Get more customer service numbers of Walmart Canada. Post issue for any problem with Walmart Canada. if you find Walmart Canada customer service number wrong, then please tell us in comments of Walmart Canada.

Walmart Canada Corporation, a running division of an American based worldwide accepted company named as Walmart. It is a discount departmental store that is committed to provide wide range of products at low rates as compared to other retail outlets. The full line of products includes plenty of items such as Bakery, Dairy, Deli, Frozen Foods, Grocery, Meat, Pharmacy, Shoes, Jewelry, Electronics, Furniture, Sports items, Fitness products, Seafood, Snacks, Liquor and many more.

It is a publicly Limited company that came into existance on 17 March, 1994 and opened its door to the business world of Canada. The main office of the Canada is centralized in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and has an employment strength of approximately 90,000 people. All the employees work together as a team to deal with million of people.

It has also made a strong network of its presence across the provinace of Canada with the help of 382 branches including 148 discount stores and 234 supercenters. The company operates its business services under the name of “Save Money. Live Better” Slogen. IT Works as the subsidiary of Walmart Stores, incorporated in 1962 and is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, the United States.

The company also allows the people to shop the products online through its official website “”. Furthermore, if the customers is not satisfied with the purchased items, he or she can return it into the shop with in the given time period of 90 days from the date of purchasing. The customer services are availlable on the toll free number +.

Walmart Canada Address Detail

Walmart Canada address is 800 Matheson Boulevard, West, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Walmart Canada Customer Service Phone Numbers

The Customer Service Phone Number of Walmart Canada is + (touch to call)

If the contact information is incorrect, please let us know HERE

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Walmart Canada Customer Service Phone Number Complaints and Reviews

Customer service phone male
Mr. Maria Allen TellsSep 03, 2016

An employee at new Glasgow, Nova Scotia Walmart was blatantly discriminating against me based on my ethnicity. She asked nine questions pertaining to my ethnicity, and acting like my inquiry about weather or not an item (which has been available at my local Sobeys for four years now)was unusual, a drag, a waste of her time, and no one has ever asked her for it, and she does not know what it is. (I doubt very much she knows what many things in the store are). I tried to explain to her this item is not realted to my ethnicity, that many Canadians purchase this item, but she kept going with her questions and her overall angry demeanor. I felt very unwelcome in this store. I have been a Canadian Citicen since I was a child and speak better English than this person. My food choices are not related to my ethnicity or religion, or sexual orientation. I also think someone in charge of grocery items should not be put off because Canadians request a food item she is not familiar with.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Bev Brow TellsAug 29, 2016

My husband bought five packages of spalding bacon. All five were the worst
I have ever had. The two top pieces were decent hiding all the crap
underneath. This type of deception should be outlawed. Not only 2/3 was
the equivalent of lard, it wasn't even sliced properly. This company
is obviously getting a deal on old breeding sows. I will never buy
groceries at Walmart again.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Vivianne Pilon TellsJun 22, 2016

Good afternoon,
I bought two boxes of 18kg of Special Kitty Scented, and clumping cat litter. SKU number 81131 83609. I have been buying this litter ever since it is on the market. Unfortunately neither of these boxes are scented. It
is plain regular clumping litter. The difference is huge because with the scented litter no bad odor. I am unable to return them as they are too heavy and I take a taxi with my Walmart purchases. Thank you very much.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Richer Dinelle TellsMay 26, 2016

I buy a ward robe on walmart in the web store internet
and i never receive a paper for instruction to monted this wardrobe, I'm calling seven times, and write a email seven times
no body to the answer and the last time the women on the line
shes closed the line on my nose
please help me
i just want the instruction for build my ward robe
please help me .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Laura TellsAug 12, 2015

I bought a Hamlton Beach Flex Brew two in one coffee maker 12/21/14. I also purchased the product protection plan. I registered the product and found out I must deal with Hamilton Beach as the item is still under the manufacturer's warranty. They will replace my product and I still ahve to pay $10. 00 shipping and handling charges and it could take up to two weeks. This is ridiculous There were many of these sitting on my Walmart's store shelf. Is this the kind of customer service I can expect from Walmart? I am not impressed and will tell everyone that I know not only that my experience with customer service at Walmart was awful, but the product protection plan would seem to be a sham. So we are to go without coffee for two weeks? This is absolutely unacceptable. Store 1177 TR08426.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Georgia Baroumis TellsJul 28, 2015

I bought Rubbermaid Tupperware from Walmart; box of 48 pieces. I came home washed them and started to put them away. I noticed that I had five lids without the containers. I was missing five pieces. I could not return it because I threw away the box. I am so disappointed. What can I do?.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Tracey TellsMar 26, 2015

I need to make a complaint about the walmart in Sherwood Park Alberta, wye road location. The store employees are mostly Pakistanis that stand around in groups and talk in their own language instead of doing their jobs. They are VERY rude when asked for help, and they do not help anyways and go back to talking and visiting with each others. The store manager who is also Pakistani walks around the store and says absolutely nothing to his rude employees When going through the till to pay for my purchases, the cashier, also Pakistani did not know how much money i owed her I find their behavior disrespectful and disgusting.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Annamarie TellsJan 21, 2015

I ordered a calendar on December 15 2014. An email I received stated it would be in on 23rd of December. It is now 20th of January 2015 and I still do not have my calendar. We checked at the photo department and he said that our name was not even on the computer. We have had zero help or contact even when I called the complaint department and the associate said they would contact me. This is a major fail in my eyes. I know that you do not care because you have enough people that shop at your store. I however will not be bringing my business to your photo department. What ever happened to good old fashion service?

Customer service phone male
Mr. William Dunbar TellsDec 30, 2014

Yes I was at the store on Sat. Dec. 27 replying about a generator that was on sale and asked a lady working there if there was any left and she said she would ask them at auto service. The man in there came out and said no and so i said will there be anymore and the answer was they took a scan and said no it was a one shot deal. I William Dunbar said Ok. The man in automotive further on and said there was only two off them and they were sold before they were open well how is that. Dont think that is right so who ever got them in the store hope they enjoy i do shop there a lot and do not think that is right of him to say that in front off a customer. But i will think before I shop there again. So so much for the big sales. THankyou WilliamDunbar.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Cathy Thrasher TellsDec 20, 2014

I was in the Amherstburg store on Wednesday night and had three bad experiences. First I wanted a battery for my husbands watch and because I did not buy it there they refused to change it. Second turkeys were on for 75 cents a lb. And they were sold out, but NO rainchecks then the same add for the same turkeys at the same price came out the next day so I know they had some in the back. Then they refused to price match on an item that was identical in print, but different packaging, one said double and the other said two ply, same thing. At that point I cancelled the checkout and left the store. I will never go back to Walmart again and I am having all mine and my husbands scripts moved to another pharmacy. What a disappointment.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Aparna Mediratta TellsDec 10, 2013

I took medicines from the pharmacy of walmart south keys in Ottawa,on and the medicine was for a senior lady and was supposed to be taken once a month, but on the medicine it was typed as once a week, i was greatly upset and was happy we read it before taking it, but when the pharmacy back not much action was taken except that its been changed in the system, spoke to the pharmacy manager-Michael and asked fro my money back since i paid for it and was not insured, paid $60.00 for it, all he had to say would give the dispensing fee back and they have now changed it in the system, i do have the photocopy where it says once a week. this would have been over medication and the results could have been drastic, but sadly to say none of them i spoke to seem to regret a bit, all their concern was its changed in the system, not too happy with the resolving of this issue hence forth carrying my complain forward. my name is Aparna and phone number is. hope this issue could be resolved.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Scott Conway TellsOct 20, 2013

I regularly purchase Great Value, thin sliced, 24 pack of processed cheese as my grand kids love grilled cheese sandwiches. The last three I have purchased, it is almost impossible to separate the cheese slice from the individual wrapping. I have wasted many slices trying to accomplish this. I am returning to Kraft slices as they never present this problem.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Monique Andesilic TellsSep 30, 2013

i would like to put in a complain about Walmart price matching . on September 27th i went to home outfitters to purchase an ottoman they had on sale, but they were out. the ottoman was 40" long and registration price 99.99. walmart had ottowman 40"long registration price 99.99, but had it on sale for 79.99. i had the flyer for Home outfitters showing that they had it on for 59.99, but Walmart at Gloucester, on. refused to give it to me for the same price. I am very disappointed that they would not stand by their logo, price matching.

Customer service phone male
Mr. daniel taric TellsSep 17, 2013

17 September 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to express my extreme disappointment with the service I received at a Wal-Mart store in Pembroke, ON.

First let me start by saying that we are very loyal customers and spend on average $300-$400 per shopping trip. We must travel at least an hour to get to the Pembroke location as well. We also have the option to go to the Renfrew location which would also take us at least an hour to get to, but we prefer to remain loyal to the Pembroke store.

We went to the Pembroke store on Saturday the 14th of September 2013 with a view to purchase a “Keurig Elite Brew” coffee maker, item # 30247746 which was advertised for $67.00 in a local flyer.

When we got to the store however, we were told that the four units they had in stock were already sold. We were also told that they were expecting the delivery of ten more units. The associate we were speaking to then gave us the model number to take to customer service so

Customer service phone female
Ms. Amanda TellsSep 08, 2013

I am frequently shopper at the waltmart supercentre
Vaughan, maple store#1115 OP#00001046 TE 08 TR #04518 I am very disappointed with the service I revived today Sunday September eight I was there 7.05 got what I wanted made my way to cashier who was still counting her floats not even say hi waited for two minutes she still didn't say a word to me I then ask are you open oh yes I made my way the oils wouldn't scan she try then ask for help I guess she is the manger, but she has an a name tag that say Customer Service she try no luck she then enter the item # and told me my total is 30.41 I was its 4.27 per bottle and I only have three she said in a very rude tone of voice it's 8.97 then told the cashier to go with me I will show her where it is and let her take a look we went there its 4.27 on the shelf there is no price tag that say 8.97 there is is some that say 5.78 or 9.97, but nothing at say 8.97 I had no choice at this time, but to take it cause my car need it I just wanted you to know service

Customer service phone female
Ms. Sunitaraii TellsSep 08, 2013

What kind of customer service ones provided at the Vaughan,maple waltmart location the price on the self is not right and still they charge more because when enter it# it's say that, but there is not tag on the shelf that has the price they sold it to me for I have no choice because my car need oils I am ver disappointed withe the rude cashier and the lady that had a name tag say CUTOMER SERVICE that is a big laugh do not wear stag that's meant nothing to yo.

Customer service phone female
Ms. nicole barton TellsSep 07, 2013

Hi i am a freqent shopper for you Medicine Hat Alberta supercentre location and i am not happy with one of the employees there her name is Vanesa and she usually works at the self checkout station butdoes not do her job she always has to be tracked down by customers cause she is usually standing off talking with other employees i feel like its her job to be at her station and help customers not visiting and when i acknowleged her about she said absolutely nothing not even an apology so I am not happy with my shopping experience lately, but she isnt the only one who displays poor customer service its just unfortunate i do not have all the names. Thank you for your time.

Customer service phone female
Ms. not happy TellsSep 05, 2013

I live in Trail BC and the Walart here is the worst Walmart ever. The shelves are always empty, line ups at the tills are never ending. I have a big family and shop a lot at Walmart, but I find I have to drive to Kelowna or Cranbrook for what I need because this Walmart has nothing.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Rhuagh TellsAug 22, 2013

HIgh Five mom is definitely overly excited. Could you not have found a worse marketing agency? This ad is extremely annoying. Maybe someone should give her a high five across the mouth to shut her up.
Please, I am sure that you could do a less annoying commercial. WalMart makes enough profit; I am sure you could afford it.

Customer service phone female
Ms. cherie TellsAug 14, 2013

Im very very upset with your protection plan returns. I had my TV damage be on repair in June and was told that i would have a gift card in three to five weeks and its been seven weeks. I called to see why i haven't gotten it and was told opps we had a computer glitch and my claim was never sent. Now i have to wait another three to four more weeks for it to come. Can you say are you for real.... I have never in my life ever had to wait for something so simple. You need to treat your customers better than this. It shouldn't take this long by no means and if anything you should offer something in return for this mistake, but no all i got was sorry nothing i can do. To top it off i was never contacted. Thanks walmart for making my daughter go without a TV for so long and now she has to wait even longer. I know i will never again buy another TV or electronics from you.

Customer service phone female
Ms. TK TellsJul 12, 2013

Kemptville ON employee fired for trying to save dog's life?
I applaud the woman for being pro-active in trying to save the dog's life!She's a blessing in this world,because too many people turn a blind eye unless it directly benefits themselves.To be fired for caring is appalling and disgusting.Would she have been fired if a child was locked in the car? A life is a life, whether it be an animal or human,all worth saving!The person who should be let go is the manager for their behaviour. If the manager is following "Walmart's" policies and procedures, I will no longer be shopping at Walmart.

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