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Ziploc is a brand of storage bags and containers which can be repacked, resealed, reused. The product was first launched by the Dow Chemical Company in the year 1968. The brand's products are manufactured by S. C. Johnson & Son. The company manufactured by the company ranges from sandwich bags, snack bags, large bags to pack big items to plastic containers which are air tight and can be sealed again and again. Te Idea of developing a brand name came from when a company named Flexigrip, Inc. started developing plastic zipper bags with the same name. In the beginning it developed looseleaf binder inserts and flat briefcases which make it quite popular for companies to pack their products in zippers developed by Dow Chemical Company.
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Phone: +
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Ziploc is a place where perseverance people work as to satisfy the needs of the consumers With this goal, a wide range of career opportunities are being rendered by the Ziploc to the talented and passionate individuals in various comprehensive areas. The organization conducts various training and development programs in order to make the aspirants well specialized in their native areas. Also, Ziploc deliver classy environment so that freshers does not feel any kind of pressure. Know more about career opportunities at Ziploc, kindly visit an online official portal of the mentioned organization by staying the link that is:

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For customers satisfaction and assistance, the company officials have provided various mediums through which you can contact the customer service representatives of Ziploc. From the contact us page of the company the customers can choose a required option to contact the company officials. The link that will directly take you to the official contact us page of the company is mentioned below:

Ziploc Address Detail

Ziploc address is SC Johnson, 1525 Howe Street Racine, WI 53403, United States.

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The Customer Service Phone Number of Ziploc is + / (touch to call)

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Ziploc Customer Service Phone Number Complaints and Reviews

Customer service phone female
Ms. carole becker TellsNov 21, 2016

What did you done ziplock bagsthey are awful thay tear and split i have two boxes of xl storage split. I'm 76 and do not have all this money for bad bags carole becker 9951 academy rd aptg2 phila pa Net.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Craig Seelert TellsNov 21, 2016

Why did you ruin a superior product?
I'm sorry, but your bags SUCK now. I'm sick and tired of the zipper not working or falling off. I'm switching to GLAD until this is resolved (If ever). It's not worth the frustration.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Karen Ritter TellsNov 20, 2016

To whom it may concern,
We bought the family pack of stand and fill expandable bottom bags gallon, the slider keeps coming off, not to mention holes in some of them, and breaking apart when you put things in it. Thought being brand name item would be more durable then this. We have things fall out on the floor to. Thank You, Karen Ritter
upc 2570071039.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Christina Dyck TellsOct 31, 2016

Hi. I bought a pack of the nine sandwich bag and half of the box the bags have holes in them.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Melanie Clark TellsOct 29, 2016

We purchased several boxes of gallon Ziploc and they are defective. T they will not open right out loud box and end up tearing. All are the same.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Pj Eisert TellsOct 17, 2016

I bought the new Ziplock easy open tabs freezer bags (36 count) today. I bagged up 18 bags of chili to freeze and about 1/2 of them are leaking on the corners at the top. They are all zipped good. They are defective.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Anne Van Waes TellsOct 14, 2016

I was disappointed to discover my Ziploc freezer bag that had been in the freezer one year had split open, spilling frozen tomatoes onto the bottom of my freezer. I thought your bags were superior in quality. Just thought you should know.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Kathy Davis TellsOct 13, 2016

We are a huge fan of Ziploc In the past the large Ziploc bags have been wonderful However, on my recent trip to Peru and Ecuador, the XXL bags I used were defective. There was a strip of plastic that came off the zip locked area. These bags are not cheap, and it was only the 3rd time I opened the large bag. I bought them specifically to take on this trip to the Amazon, and Inca trail. Can replacements be sent for these two bags?.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Steve TellsOct 09, 2016

I have purchased Ziploc bags my whole life and like their durability. BUT recently I bought some one quart freezer bags with easy open tabs (scan number 25700 00388) that were awful. The sides (transparent seams running down the height of the bag) immediately separate and the bag becomes unusable. Is your product quality decreasing in an effort save money? Are you joining the many manufacturers who are choosing make it cheap, sell it cheap, so we throw it away and buy some more?

Please reply. Is this just a batch defect or are you relinquishing your crown as the most durable bag. Either way, I would like a refund for this box. How do I do that?

Thanks. Steve Gagliardone.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Kathy TellsOct 02, 2016

I purchased spacebags and none of my sweepers fit the hole to compact the bags. What do you suggest?.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Mike Dubrow TellsSep 16, 2016

I bought two boxes of Ziploc Freezer Quart bags (19 count). They are inferior quality. When you open the top to put items in, the side crease splis open, making the nags worthless for use as freezer bags. The UPC code is 25700-00388. I can be reached at . By the way I called your customer service number, which said they were closed for training, and gave no indication when, if ever, they would reopen. Terrible customer service process.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Jenny Mead TellsSep 15, 2016

I bought a large box of Ziploc bags (quart and gallon) at Costco here in Charlottesville, VA several months ago. Every other one of the quart bags does not zip open. See picture (I tore this one open because it wouldn't open and I wanted you all to see). I do not have a UPC because I threw the original wrapping away and can not find one on the box itself. NOTE: IT WOULDN'T LET ME UPLOAD A PICTURE, SO NONE.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Lori Miller TellsSep 05, 2016

When Ziploc perfect portions freezer bags came out, THAT was my way of "portion" freezing. I have been looking for them in every market/department store and find they are out of stock/no longer available. I have talked with various people about this individual portions bag and how wonderful it is. After researching all day, for several days, I would like to know if this wonderful product has been discontinued. And, better yet, do you know of anyone who has this product?
Thank you.

Customer service phone male
Mr. John Genna TellsAug 29, 2016

I have three different sizes "Ziploc" bags (large, medium, small). After using them couple times the "flaps" come off which makes difficult actually impossible to open them. Few minutes ago I experienced, again the same problem. Now I have been waiting on line for over 20 minutes. Based on the above-mentioned I am going to return the merchandise to Costco and stay away from your product.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Richard Hellan TellsAug 26, 2016

I live in Sweden and wish to buy an assortment of Ziploc containers. Where can I go in Sweden to buy them? Can I order an assortment of these containers in Sweden or in any other EU country? Please advise. Thanks.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Jan Brown TellsJul 28, 2016

Your recorder says closed for training
I have already posted my complaint, why are you asking for it again.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Jan Brown TellsJul 28, 2016

I have a box of 75 storage quart bags that are not preforming very well. When you open them the sides split therefore losing your seal Not happy, I might as well of purchases the store brand at a cheaper price. UPS code 25700 71036.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Jamey Mcentyre TellsJul 17, 2016

Yes my name is Jamie McIntyre and thank you for your time. I have a invention with a patent that is getting close to be finalized I would love to pitch my idea to your company first. Please contact me through email or my cell number . If interested or not hope to hear from you soon.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Ann Rourke TellsJul 06, 2016

My last box of Ziploc Slider bags (15 gallon storage) PO95047650852 with a bar code of 0 2570002204 six and an under-the-code umber of 1001266 were a disaster. nine of the 15 lock mechanisms were defective. Most just slid across without locking, like a broken zipper, and a few had slider pieces that just fell off. I would like some sort of refund/coupons for this problem. Very inconvenient when trying to use at 4th of July BBQs. Thanks,
Ann Rourke
34 Barasford Ave
Lowell, MA 01852.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Cheryl Dobbs TellsJun 28, 2016

Hi Ziploc Customer Service, I do not know why you "improved" your Ziploc sandwich bags -, but could you please go back to the way they were?
The new ones are Horrible. You can only use them to open one time then they break.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Dorina Prado TellsJun 27, 2016

Have you discontinued your " five ct/ Square/ 20 fl. Oz/2 1/2
591 ml. Snap'nSeal sandwich size containers? On the outer package there was printed Z 297 one on the bottom. I can not tell you how long and far we have been searching for these They are a mainstay in our house because they are the perfect size for small lunches, leftovers, fruit and salad servings. All your new sizes are too big Many coworkers and family ask me where we purchased them, but I tell them I'm down to my last few usable "Square" containers because we can not find them in the stores anymore Please if you have any of this size in stock or leftover could I please purchase them from you? Please let me know it it is possible. Had I known you were discontinuing this most convenient, perfect size Ziploc container I would have purchased everyone I could get my hands on Below I sent some pictures of the outer package that I saved. THANKYOU so much for taking the time to read my note. Mahalo. Dorina Prado .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Toni Lam TellsJun 12, 2016


Regarding 'Freezer' brand, could you help to check and adv 'Freezer' is ideals for the Sous Vide method of cooking or not, thanks. Best regards
Toni Lam .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Ronna Goldstein TellsJun 10, 2016

I have used Ziploc slider freezer bags for years. They are the best bag on the market. Since I live overseas and cannot get them here I often have folks bring them when they come. Someone brought me the regular slider storage bags by mistake. They are shocking. We are lucky if they work one time. We have gone thru a dozen of these in less than a week because the slider comes off each time. I am so disaappointed in the quality. Please tell me why the quality is so poor compared to the freezer bags?


Customer service phone female
Ms. Gloria TellsJun 08, 2016

Hello, I have been a Ziploc consumer, since forever, and I have never had a problem with the product. However with my recent purchase of the quart size 48 count bag, I am having the issue of them ripping when I try to open them. One or two of them ripping, I can deal with, but I have had to throw away to many bags because of this.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Gale TellsMay 27, 2016

I have been using your Ziploc bags for ten years. Recently they started ripping when you open them. I hope that you are aware of this and are doing something about it. Otherwise, you will be losing a lot of customers, myself included.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Robert Balentine TellsFeb 07, 2016

Frustrated with your gallon Ziploc bags that keep ripping when you open them. They seal well. But when you go to open them the top ripps, it is very frustrating.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Nicki Martin TellsJan 09, 2016

It ruins my day when I open your product and it can not reseal. ??.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Denise Dodd TellsJan 01, 2016

What on earth have you done with the closures on all the zip lock bags? They are awful, they tear and split an not usable I have used them for years and simply won't buy them againIt's not even just one size Just thought you may want to know this information, I'm sure I'm not the first to complain, I've discussed it with my friends and they are having the same problem.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Michael Broderick TellsDec 29, 2015

Hello, We purchased a 38 count of your quart size Ziploc freezer bags. It seems that well over half of the bags have a small pin size hole towards the top just under where the bag seals, which in turn, causes the bags to leek. I would appreciate a refund for this product. Thanks, Dr. Michael Broderick .

Customer service phone male
Mr. Douglas Muir TellsOct 19, 2015

Lid snapped into pieces after attempting to open it by slightly lifting the corner tab. Please see picture.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Cindy Bernier TellsSep 13, 2015

I recently purchased a "variety pack of 25 containers" from Costco. There are several containers that the lids do not fit tightly and actually fall off in transit inside a lunch bag. I have always purchased your product, but have never had this poor quality. Also three of the lids have pieces broken off of them. They have not been in a dishwasher, only hand washed. I am hoping you can help me. Thanks.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Stuart Orr TellsAug 25, 2015

My 88 year old arthritic wife cannot open your new pint bags. She is not able to grip tight enough to get the leverage needed. I realize the creates a better seal, but we have been very well contented with the previous way it worked.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Beth Hems TellsJul 27, 2015

I do not like the new design of 2cup containers with stacking lids. The old three cup design was much sturdier and lasted much longer. The new lids crack easily. If you reheat food with Parmesan cheese in the new design, the plastic melts.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Julie Parker TellsJun 30, 2015

Good Morning, I bought the Ziploc combo Space Bag at Walmart yesterday 29th June, 2015. One of the large bags (54cm x 85cm) valve was not glued in properly and miss aligned. Is it possible to re glue it? This is the first time I have bought a SC Johnson product that has been broken. I love your products and will continue to use the SC Johnson products. Thank you, Julie Parker .

Customer service phone female
Ms. Karen Haefling TellsApr 04, 2015

Ziplock sandwich bags are of a very poor quality now. They easily rip at the seams and the zipper lock on MOST bags rips right off. I have been using these for years and they were never this poorly manufactured. From now on I will be buying No-Name bags because they are the same poor quality for a cheaper price.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Ruth Fluegge TellsMar 26, 2015

First I want you to know I am a big user of your product - use the freezer Ziplocs for freezing garden veggies, and fruit, along with deer pepper stick. My complaint happened last night while I was making a mixture for a punch for a party this weekend, and every single bag had a tiny pinhole near the top of the bags. I live in the country and was not convenient to drive somewhere to get a different box of bags - so therefore I was duct-taping the top of the bags. Just wondering if possibly there were other complaints of this nature - or maybe something got punctured through the box somewhere ? just thought I'd let you know.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Marcy Cassady TellsMar 22, 2015

The new blue "Easy Open Tabs" Freezer Quart bags are a useless waste of money. Every single one that I've opened instantaneously splits down the side making it both leaky and not protected from frost when my purpose is to put them in the freezer. Some I use for my 3-1-1 bags for TSA on the airlines. But once they're ripped, again they are useless as I will lose important items. I had no trouble opening the old offset bags,, but these new ones are not only useless, they are also less durable,, but who would notice when they do not survive to the first use I've been a loyal purchaser because of the quality in the past that generics have never matched. With sale and coupons I bought a large quantity of this size bag and am thoroughly disgusted. I also buy a lot of one gallon, sometimes two gallon, sandwich and snacksize bags. But if this is the quality you plan to sell, there's no point in my buying ANY of them.

Customer service phone male
Mr. To Heffron TellsFeb 27, 2015

You should be ashamed of yourselves. I've been using zip lock bags for probably over 20 years now. I use mainly the quart and the gallon sizes. Now, almost every one, or other one as soon as you seal it; it's fine. You go to open it, either it stays completely locked; or the plastic slider starts coming off, or always it starts to shred. I try to lock or unlock and there is a blue strip unpeeling. So much for keeping a house hold brand name.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Cindy Wolinski TellsFeb 05, 2015

I purchased a box of Ziplock Storage Quart size bags as I always do. I have used maybe five out of the box. I pulled out seven in a row after those and they are sealed together. They will not open at all. I pulled the next one and it opened ok, but then the next ten were the same way, sealed together. Numberson the boc are l and upc . I would of taken them back to Walmart, but do not have the receipt. Have always bought your brand forever and no complaints, love your products But this box is 1/2 gone and I have used only five out of them. I think I have been alittle cheated. Hopefully this was the only box like this.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Deb Beckett TellsJan 25, 2015

I purchased a large box of Ziplock product, different sized containers with lids, newer version four squares on the top and after two uses, at least two of the tops have split and cracked and are unusable. The area where you grasp to open them. They were purchased at Hannafords supermarket in Williston Vermont. I buy Zip Lock all the time and I am very dissatisfied with this purchase. I no longer have the slip to bring them back to the store and am requesting a possible refund or voucher for a different purchase. Thank you in advance.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Elaine Sheppard TellsJan 21, 2015

I've used Ziplock containers for years and now the company has changed their Ziploc containers to an obvious inferior product to your previous ones. The lids are made of a cheaper plastic and when opened the corner snaps off. I feel ripped off because these containers are only a few weeks old Did your company change the product so that customers would continually NEED to buy more containers to replace the broken ones??Just so you know I will never buy Ziploc containers again until this problem is rectified. I am not the only one who has experienced the breaking of the lids. Please pass this on to your president as he should know how his customers feel.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Sticky Fingers TellsDec 06, 2014

Good morning,

I recently bought a three pack box of your one gallon Ziploc storage bags. Unfortunately, in one of the boxes, all of the bags were opened on the bottom. They had not been fused together or something. I poured some drink crystals into one and made a mess when the powder flowed right through the bag.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Daniel Lakowski TellsNov 12, 2014

I was very pleased with the response for the service people. I talked to. My main contact was with a lady named Karen. She was very courteous and gave me the solution rapidly. I couldn't be more satisfied with your customer service other than a ten minute wait to get someone on the phone line, but that is minor.

Customer service phone female
Ms. Danica Martin TellsNov 06, 2014

I recently purchased a 32 count box of Ziploc slider bags. I used some for meat, chips, etc. Each time i got meat out of freezer and the bags were opened. When i come to know i zipped the zipper the other way to shut. So i am guessing the zips were broken. Unfortunately I had to throw away all the meat, because it was freezer burnt or smelled horrible. Today i used one to store lunch meat, when i went to reopen the bag it wouldn't open and the zipper fell off. This box of bags is the worst. I have ever bought with nothing, but problems. I went through the rest of the box and tried zipping open and shut and none latch. They all stay open no matter which way I tried and zip it. So, i had to throw them all away. I can not afford wasting more food.

Customer service phone male
Mr. Terry Quirk TellsOct 21, 2014

I am using the red winter snowflake quart sized bags. A number of the bags had a slit on the bottom snowflake side of the bag. Only about six of the bags were bad. I would appreciate a coupon for the bags.

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